The Thames over the Years

The River Thames has been one of the biggest landmarks within the UK. For Londoners around the UK, it’s the iconic landmark when they were growing up and it will forever remain a major part of their lives also. You cannot blame people, Londoners and non-Londoners from loving the beauty of the Thames and it’s truly a unique river. However, has the Thames changed over the years and if so, how? How has the Thames changed over the years?

The Changing Landscape

Ever since the dawn of time, the River Thames has been a part of the world. This is such a beautiful and vast river that stretches across the east and west of English. It is not only a massive part of London but many counties throughout. However, over the last hundred years, the landscape around the Thames has changed. You might not have thought so but throughout our lifetime and that of our parents, the Thames have changed so much. It’s minor changes really but they impact so much.

Will The Thames Change Again?

You never know what the future holds. For thousands a hundred years ago they never thought the banks of the Thames would change and yet it did. Today, it looks utterly fantastic and yet there are going to be changes. London is growing and expanding and that will ultimately affect the River Thames and the ever-changing scenery. Does that mean it’s bad? Well no but it’s certainly different and it will change, in a good way hopefully! Changes always occur and you never know where it’ll lead. Tomorrow it could be unrecognizable!Get some information at

Little Has Changed

festivalsTo be honest, over the last hundred years there have been changes to the Thames but not as much as you might think. Yes, there are changes and major ones but it hasn’t been constant. There are more homes being built and the skyline has expanded but again it’s not overly huge! It’s strange because it seems as though the River Thames has been fairly untouched over the course of the last few years. That is great in a way though and it’s really opening the door to possibilities. The greatest thing was when in the 60’s the River Thames froze over and people walked over it! It’s strange but again it’s unique. That is why more and more love the rich history of the Thames.

Love London

When you visit London you must make an attempt to visit the River Thames. It’s a very massive River and one that stretches far and wide but it’s so beautiful. The Thames has changed somewhat over the years and yet it has it remains very popular indeed. So many tourists and indeed Londoners love it! There has never been a more popular tourist attraction and it’s not really an attraction! However, if you ever visit London, visit the Thames and see how amazing it really is. This is one river you are going to love and it’ll be the ideal spot for any tourist today.