The History of the Thames Valley

Throughout the world there have been many areas within countries that astound those globally and it’s not hard to see why. You have many lovely countries that don’t appear to be anything more special than another country and yet it has a gem or two tucked away. One amazing country is the UK and there is an area within the country has holds such an amazing little gem. The Thames Valley is truly one such gem and yet very few people are aware of what this is. So, what is the Thames Valley? Read on to find a brief history of the Thames Valley.

What Is The Thames Valley?

The Thames Valley is quite simply a large region within England. The name comes from the fact the counties all are found on the riverbank of the River Thames. The English counties can range from East English from London right through to the West and end in Oxfordshire. Despite what many believe, this is quite a large part of the UK, especially England and it truly is a wonder. Visitors can find the parts within the Thames Valley can including Surrey and Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire and parts of London. People can also compare the Thames Valley region to the well-known M4 Corridor. It truly is a massive area and one which holds a lot of secrets!

The History of the Valley

Currently, the region is truly one of the most expensive and in-demand parts within the UK and indeed the EU. The reason why is simply because there are many people within this region and there are lots of people with great skills. Technology is one major industry and there are many more than bloom within the Valley too. Production is up greatly here and it is said people earn slightly more here than within other parts of London and other English boroughs. Basingstoke is one very popular town within the region and it homes many big-named companies also. This region is growing on a yearly basis and it’s increasing even today. The economy and job production is at a fast growing rate.Visit website here!

What about Tourism?

festival historyMillions of visitors, locally and internationally travel to the Thames Valley Region each and every year. This is a vastly popular area and one which is on the up and up! The truth is that there are lots of things to see and do here and the tourists love it. In London in Hampton Court Palace, you have amazing sights and Surrey is always a treat to visit. Buckinghamshire is gorgeous and people love to find attractions which are close to the Thames. Also, it’s nicely situated as it offers a direct link to the capital London.Read post from

A Hot Spot for All

The UK is greatly loved and there is always something interesting to see or do. Despite what many might believe, the UK does have great weather during the summer and you can visit some beautiful beaches also. The Thames Valley does offer something very unique and it is going to become a useful and much sought after destination too. It’s a business hub with a lot of potential and it is on the rise on a daily basis. The Thames Valley is an amazing region to visit and its history is stunning.