History Festivals in England

England has hosted a wide variety of festivals over the years and it truly is a hub for festival lovers and party-goers. However, there have been some truly standout festivals that have overtaken all others throughout history. There are now more festivals in the UK than ever before and it’s truly wonderful. So, forgetting modern times, what about the history of festivals in England?

The Festival of Britain

In 1951, one year before King George VI died, Britain came together to hold a festival – the Festival of Britain. Despite the fact this wasn’t just held in England, it was truly one of the biggest and best festivals of the century. This focused on arts and it showcased all Britain had to offer. England really loved this festival and it was the first of its kind really which was why it’s still very much remembered. It’s the festival that cannot be beaten.


Everyone knows the name Glastonbury and it was one of the biggest UK festivals. Held annually in England, Glastonbury is one of the biggest festivals of all times. Starting in 1970, this annually held music festival first attracted music lovers around the world. Still going strong today, there have been some of the biggest and best musicians to play at this venue. It has become something of a legend within the music world and it indeed attracts visitors from around the world.

Why Are Festivals So Loved In England?

To be honest, there are a host of amazing festivals throughout England each and every year. There have been hundreds of festivals throughout the years and they have continued to be very popular. However, why are they so popular? Well, it’s all down to their appeal. There is something that attracts people to it whether it’s the music scene and the top musicians or indeed the venues themselves. There are many great reasons to choose to visit festivals and currently England has lots of big-named and yearly festivals.Click site!

Festivals Remain Strong Today

festivalThere is a great appeal to festivals and there seems to be thousands, if not millions visiting England each year just for the festivals. You wouldn’t think history festivals and festivals such as Glastonbury and the Festival of Britain would have been so popular and yet they were. Today, they are still very much talked about and they remain as strong today as they were all those years ago. Enjoy a festival today and find your passion.

Who Doesn’t Love A Festival?

There is something about a festival that gets people talking. Whether it’s the atmosphere, the people there or just a combination of the people and everything else, it really brings together the country. Festival lovers absolutely adore these festivals and they are going to get stronger each and every year too. Who doesn’t love a good festival? There is so much to see and do at a festival and you can love how great they are and how versatile they are too. There has never been a better time to enjoy a festival in England today.